FRIDAY NIGHT: March Raddness @ Club Metronome


The team at East Coast Indie is bringing another packed showcase / networking festival through Club Metronome on the 16th. MARCH RADDNESS is a sequel to last October's "East Coast Indie Jam," which managed to get an impressive chunk of the New England scene under one roof for one night.

This latest incarnation is aiming to go bigger, across the board. Anyone looking to sample a broad selection of new artists is in luck: there's a ton of two-song showcase sets, and Stiltz will keep the trains running on time. 

Maine monster Ill By Instinct will also be in the building, alongside DJ Myth -- both of them are lynchpins for the New England scene, especially the tradition of Rap Night. Throw in spitboxer Weapon E.S.P. and the NH standout Mike Wing, and the "New England All-Stars" claim pretty much checks out. This will be a huge night.

Naturally, StiltzGang will be very much in effect. In addition to Mr. Down To Earth himself, expect strong showings from DZY, Corty Booth, and Wes the Best. The Hustle, Loyalty and Respect roster is also heavily represented: Jibba the Gent, Drive, Modest, Biozone, and new member Ciurleo will all perform.

Props to Colby Stiltz for bouncing back strong with this one. Props to Brett North Photography for holding the event down as official house lensmaster for the evening, too. 

Justin Boland