TOMORROW: 3rd Thursdays @ The Monkey House


3rd Thursdays has grown into one of the best traditions we've got, a venerable institution unto itself. This is even more impressive when you consider the fact that Anthill Collective aren't promoters -- they're a graf crew, and 3rd Thursdays is but a small fraction of the work they do in VT.  (And beyond!)

After the high of February's packed "HLR Takeover" special, the team is keeping the energy up. This month's installment will kick off with a special Open Cypher over ILLu beats and DJ Kanga cuts at 9 pm sharp. 

Maine's Jacobsen will also be playing his first ever 802 set tomorrow night -- check out "The October Tape" if you haven't already. He's rocking on a bill alongside NEK freestyle evangelist Mycelium MC with Muddy Ruts, and a headliner set from Uncle Sam & EvillDewer, who are roaming New England on their Disconnection Tour, promoting their collaborative EP.

They're both remarkably busy young men: Uncle Sam runs LFOD Apparel and the hip hop platform LFOD Radio -- high-quality operations worth getting familiar with. EvillDewer is a producer who's been at the center of Boston's rap renaissance in recent years. His excellent tape "Bck on the Blck" was a cinematic, distinctive trip that featured some great verses from Haze, Magno Garcia and Estee Nack, and he just hit another home run with "Apocrypha," a new instrumental LP.

Another damn hot ticket, all in all. Props to Anthill Collective & The Monkey House. 

Justin Boland