ROUNDUP: Green Mountain Updates, February 2018


First and foremost, of course: huge show going down in Winooski tonight. The 3rd Thursdays Takeover will be insanity. Be there. 

In related news, the lineup for tonight's single-song competition to open for The Perceptionists on Feb. 23 is as follows: Self Portrait, Boomslang, Jibba The Gent, Colby Stiltz, Eyedos, Teece Luv, Drive, and Soul Journer -- a new name, at least to me. Good luck, everyone. 


New local talent Princess Nostalgia made a big impression at her Monkey House debut last month -- and just yesterday, she was featured in Seven Days. Looking forward to new material from this consistently surprising artist.

Jibba The Gent has teamed up BTV producer Flip Physics for "Kumbaya," a genuinely catchy country-rap single that will be featured on the upcoming mixtape Underground Hustlin' 64, hosted by G-Mo Skee. You can stream it now on Musicoin -- a new music platform / cryptocurrency startup. The future is here.

The eternally-hustling Colby Stiltz has announced another indie networking festival: MARCH RADDNESS will take place March 16th at Club Metronome. This will be packed with artists and vendors once again, with Spocka Summa (RI) and Ill By Instinct (ME) scheduled to headline. 

To celebrate tonight's Takeover, HLR artist Modest has dropped a new track, featuring Ciurleo, Swaga, and Drive, who was interviewed here yesterday.

We've also got a fresh new track from Windsor emcee XP, who has teamed up with Lethal Melodies and Breadtruck Productions. Which, by the way...holy shit. I haven't seen that name in many years, and I remember them from the Soundclick days. Not Soundcloud, kids: Soundclick. Anyways, as ever, XP sounds hungry as hell. He is back in the booth and promises a blitzkrieg of new material this year. Dude is coming for heads.

Finally, coming up this weekend is the Joell Ortiz Valentines Bash at Social Club and Lounge.

More on that tomorrow, though...




Justin Boland