ROUNDUP: Fresh Tracks


As winter sinks those fangs into us all, there’s been a lot heat coming out. This latest weekly roundup is a bit over-stuffed, but listen, it’s all quality produce. Make some time to take some time, and as ever, turn it up.

Ferragamo Face dropped his first new track in awhile, and naturally enough, it’s wall-to-wall flames. Unfuckwithable flows and he can kill a hook, too — hopefully this is the beginning of a new wave of material.

Here’s another recent flawless banger I missed: NOtation and Asah Mack trading bars over some glossy David Chief production. You can tell they had a blast making this and that counts for a lot in any genre. An album of this would be most appreciated. In the meantime, check out his Ego EP if you haven’t.

A new XP verse is always good news. “Can’t Help U” is a posse cut with two of his young proteges, Alpha and Prophet. Two young hungry artists trying to compete with a vet is a classic recipe, and it definitely works here.

I don’t know what the fuck is in the water down in Windsor, but damn. Too much talent out of one little down, this is getting ridiculous.

“Bossa” is a tasty, polished piece of jazzy boom-bap from THEN WHAt — hell, this would have been “Acid Jazz” two decades ago, and probably released on Ninja Tune, as well. The rapper/producer is currently locked in the lab completing his next LP as Selfish Presley, “No Sleep.”

Finally, Es-K is wrapping a busy & impressive 2018 with a new instrumental LP, Right On Time. He describes it as a collection of his factory seconds and abandoned demos, but it is very damn good just the same. I had this on repeat all day yesterday; it was the right decision.

Justin Boland