GET FAMILIAR: Teece Luvv of Maiden Voyage


It’s a rainy, ugly Friday, but Teece Luvv is still living his best life. After a string of luxurious side work & collaborations, Teece Luvv is back with a self-produced set of proudly retro future funk and a lot more on the horizon. Today he celebrates the release of !PLEH, his latest album for Equal Eyes Records, and tonight he’ll be rocking a show at Windsor Station with his rap crew, Maiden Voyage. We caught up first thing this morning over a plate of yak gravy poutine and some oolong tea. (Really.) Here’s a transcript.

VTHH: From the early demos to the first releases there was a lot of evolution -- not just the quality, you mutate your sound a lot. Do you feel like you're reaching for something specific, or do you just enjoy exploring?

Teece Luvv: Animals are always evolving, and people forget humans are naturally animals. To quote myself, “You’re the main animal you see on Nat Geo.” I do enjoy exploring, though I think I’ve found “my style,” it happens to cross multiple genres. My brother is 10 years older than me, and my mom is an eighties lady, so I grew up listening to anything from DJ Green Lantern’s In The Lab album to Billy Idol’s “Eyes Without a Face.” I would go to my brothers bass competitions (car audio comps) and then fall asleep to classical music. Shoutout big bro for introducing me to anything from A Tribe Called Quest to The Offspring

VTHH: You've been hella creative on the vocals and production, but as I have mentioned to you in the past: you still have bars. There will be bars-related projects at some point in the future, yes?

Teece Luvv: All in all, yes. Maybe not a full project of just Hip-Hop, but it will be in there. Yer boi’s got flows. On the low (not so low now) I have a 19 track album that’s currently being mastered by JARV. It starts with new wave rock and roll and transitions to rap through my lil’ R&B style of music.

VTHH: Has your songwriting process been consistent or does that morph a lot, too?

Teece Luvv: Process is always the same. It starts by making a beat, or receiving a beat from Teeba, SkySplitterInk or Es-K. Heavy name drops, sorry. Of course I have a bottle of pinot grigio in my right hand, no glass. I replay said track until I become mentally unstable, writing from things I experience in life and in my head. Just kidding. I’m always mentally unstable.

VTHH: The Teece Luvv catalog is varied but ... rather funky. Is this something you'd like to take to the festival circuit? Live bands in coordinated clothing and such?

Teece Luvv: Eric Burdon, The Animals, decked out in suits, all there is to say. Here’s more anyway: a live band is in the works as I’m typing this, and is something I’ve always wanted…to make the new wave more legitimate. Suits necessary. As far as the circuit, I’ll play anywhere. Any festival, grams nursing home, funerals.

VTHH: So when the Maiden Voyage LP drops, are you going to be crooning all over that puppy?

Teece Luvv: Heck yeah, bud. We’ve been on that lately. Some day.

VTHH: You gentlemen will be convening this evening for a show at Windsor Station. That place seems like a second home. Do you guys have personal chairs or stools that nobody else uses?

Teece Luvv: I’m there at least 3 nights a week if that says anything. It’s the spot around here, one of only two. I do have a spot where I stand and observe the scene/music. As far as proclaimed seats, when I die I’ll have 3rd seat from the left, where I’ve sat tasting virgin drinks since I was five.

You can get !PLEH right now via Equal Eyes Records, and see Maiden Voyage live this evening at Windsor Station. Everyone stay safe this weekend.

Justin Boland