12/20: 3rd Thursdays Hip Hop @ The Monkey House


You’d think this year was already over, the way I’m dropping Top 10 lists and retrospectives: nope. There are a lot of hot tickets between now and 2019, starting with tomorrow’s 3rd Thursdays lineup in Winooski. Safe to say that Anthill Collective has had a triumphant twelve months, making waves way beyond the state borders, pulling off an even bigger & better Above The Radar festival, opening an actual storefront on Shelburne Road, and…oh yeah, running Vermont’s best & only hip hop monthly concert series. Thanks, guys.

The Joint Manipulation crew came through in September and they’re back to host this time around. It’s fitting. They’re rap purists, they’ve got bars for weeks, and they’re bringing along a whole lot of St. Albans talent along for this one. I told you about the Cambrian Explosion that was coming in Burlington this year, and lately, I’ve been ranting about the St. Albans Wave that’s coming. Because it is.

Consider D.FRENCH, who has gone from new name to one of my favorite 802 emcees in the past 24 months. He’s working on a mixtape and if this single is any indication? Flames, verily. He’ll be at The Monkey House tomorrow rocking a set with co-conspirator Saint Money R.O.D. (That beat is from Dok Sterling, aka Dokowala, another St. A disciple who’s been representing big lately: he scored a spot at Es-K’s second Vermont Beat Cypher, and you can catch him at the Super Select 2K18 Party on Dec. 29th at Half Lounge, alongside some of the very best.)

Bulletproof Dolla is another standout talent. He will be playing with Zay of Valid Gang — check out their recent collab track, “LOCKED DOWN” — bringing plug stories & precise bars to the table, like always. I strongly suspect he’s poised for a big 2019, with more projects on the way.

To top it all off, two 3rd Thursdays vets will be there, too: Eyedos and Colby Stiltz. Props to the Anthill team for always over-stuffing the turkey on these shows. As ever, all this talent is still a FREE SHOW. 9pm. 18+.

Justin Boland