Shows, From Here to December

Photo from the 2018  Above The Radar  wall, courtesy of  Anthill Collective .

Photo from the 2018 Above The Radar wall, courtesy of Anthill Collective.

November is going to be absolutely packed. Things kick off immediately, too. Tomorrow night, there’s a very strong lineup at Charlie-O’s, with Konflik, Mister Burns and Mavstar in the house. A free feast in one of America’s best dive bars — you can’t beat that.

Unless you’re Jarv, of course. Folks further south should go check him out at Windsor Station that same Friday night. The show will be something special: he’s going to be performing his latest LP / mixtape, Jarvage Vol. 2, front to back.

The next night, he’s taking that same show to Sweet Melissa’s in Montpelier. Kinda rare for our normally quiet capital city to be getting this much hip hop in one weekend, so make the most of it.

Also on Saturday Night, there’s the Hip Hop Show at Spanky’s Dive, a DIY performance space and local arts hub in Springfield, VT. Or as Spanky himself puts it, a “BYOB Bar / Man Cave.” The line up is headlined by Jibba “The Gent” and Yung Breeze, in addition to performances by Humble Among, HatePH34R, and the impeccably named Sheet Eater.

The 3rd Thursdays Extravaganza is coming earlier than usual this month, since November started on a Thursday. So, on November 15th at The Monkey House, the Anthill Collective will once again convene the most important, longest-running hip hop showcase in the state. These are always dope, but this month’s edition is especially strong, headlined by the So.802 Records crew of Selfish Presley, Raw Deff, Yung Breeze, and Gringo Montega (f/k/a Vazy). There’s also a cast a new names: Rivan C, Corty Booth, Real Ova Deceit, Stormyweather and Syncro.

Closer downtown, you can catch Zesty Boi performing at Radio Bean that same Thursday night. He will be celebrating the release of his funky new LP, TINY ALLIGATORS.

The next night, catch Es-K at Half Lounge on Nov. 16th doing an early beat set as part of the Phases series, curated by the crew at Church Street DJs.

Saturday, November 17th will see events popping off all across the map. Let’s start down south, where there are two dope & interesting shows going down. First up, Jibba “The Gent” will be hosting a performance — and music video shoot! — at Sherri’s Place in Springfield, VT. The music video is for his recent banger, “Suite Tooth,” featuring Ren Thomas and Raw Deff, who will also be there. This is a very cool idea, and it all kicks off at 4 pm. Tickets are $20, and this includes a meal. Which is also a very cool idea.

Just over the border in Woodsville, NH, HLR will be hosting The Mac Miller Memorial Show, a tribute to the young talent who accidentally overdosed earlier this year. Obviously that has a lot of resonance in a state being torn up by the ongoing opioid / heroin epidemic. There will be a big roster of 802 talent paying tribute. All in all, sounds like a great night.

Finally, up in BTV, Drink is the place to be once again. The collective at Red Handed Records is hosting another hip hop night, this time featuring MA collective Wiki Good. Vermont will be well-represented, too. In addition to Mavstar and Mister Burns, you’ll get to catch Asah Mack and Rycoon, both talented young artists. It’s great to have a new promoter doing quality rap shows.

Moving on, Mavstar and Friends at Radio Bean should be an excellent Sunday evening. The lineup is top-notch: Freddie Losambe, who was just featured, will be performing along side local celeb Colby Stiltz. Not only that, but Basic Brains will making a return to the stage, too. His 2017 album Dunce Cap was superb, low-key headphone food and the dude has a smooth, refined style.

On Wednesday, Nov. 21st, Brattleboro will have a heavy lineup performing for the Thanksgiving Eve Hip Hop Showcase at the Stone Church, a gorgeous venue. Stresselbee, Eyedos, Humble Among, Subtex and Jarv will be in the building alongside MC Firebomb and Ar$enal. All Ages, too.

On Friday, Nov. 23, another edition of Omega Jade’s highly successful The Rhyme And Unreason Show will return to the Light Club Lamp Shop. Tarzan Jenkins and Rajnii with both be there, along with the utterly unfiltered mind of Eyedos, so this will be a hella memorable evening — come through.


Finally, there’s a few notable events coming up on the horizon — and that horizon will be here very soon. First, on December 5th, VMB Productions is bringing legendary NYC lyricist Skyzoo to The Monkey House. That’s wild. Be there.

On December 30th, there’s going to be a big rap show in…Lamoille County. Yep, Mo-Vegas will be hosting a hip hop night at Moog’s Place. It’s going to be a STILTZgang affair, too. Expect Big Homie Wes, DZY, and Faded Flow — as well as Drive, Corty Booth, Ciurleo, The Big Scrilla, and of course, Colby Stiltz.

Last but not least, on January 11th of next year, 99 Neighbors is going to headline the ballroom at Higher Ground. As far as I know, that’s a first — no local rap act has ever done that. Let me know if I’m wrong.

Expect a lot more firsts from that crew in 2019. Expect a lot more everything, really: lots of other new acts are blowing up, extremely talented OG’s are making comebacks, almost every county in the state has their own mini-scene, and Equal Eyes Records has gone from startup to institution. Cheers to everyone putting in work.

Justin Boland