ROUNDUP: The Week in Singles


With Winter 2019 well and truly upon us, good music is more important than ever — from recreational to medicinal, you dig? You do. As ever, there’s plenty to choose from at the farm stand this week. What follows is a selection of local artisans and their hand-crafted folk art, all of which bangs at high volumes. Turn it up & let’s begin…

First up, get familiar with Jun Fargo, a hard-working future R&B visionary who rolls with Street Religion and the So.802 Records crew. His latest single, “Wish Upon A Star,” dropped just past midnight, which makes it even more impressive that his track has racked up over four thousand plays since last night. The co-star here is definitely the polished, expert production work from THEN WHAt — expect a lot more material from this winning team soon.

Truth of The Matter” is a throwback to classic projects like the 2000 Rawkus Records EP Hip Hop for Respect — that is, projects that should not have to exist, in a functional society. Rajnii and Omega Jade go in on this one. This is a detailed, searing deconstruction of police murders & American culture, with two of BTV’s bluntest poets swapping bars over a pumping Rico James blapper.

The next release on Equal Eyes Records will be a brand new Teece Luvv project, !PLEH. “My Head” is the first track and lead single — a throwback to the Motown Model of making LPs. I’m looking forward to this project, this cat just keeps improving and he’s getting a lot more confident with his sanging and vocal arrangements, too.

Finally, Yung Breeze has been on a warpath lately and it keeps on escalating. “Call It That” is a self-produced manifesto, urgent and honest and raw. Dude is a threat and he’s going big in 2019. Stay tuned.

Justin Boland