Extra Mile Cypher Vol. 1 - "No Hand Outs"

This a treat out of nowhere: the Extra Mile Cypher marks the return of standout new rapper Drive, who is debuting this as the first in a new series. The cypher is pretty much invitation-only, but he also invites people to send him your name and a link to your best song. That’s a good dude, right there.

He made some pretty wise invitations this time around. Things kick off with an intricate verse from Syncro, f/k/a Biozone, followed up by a tight sixteen from Drive. Then Yung Breeze steps it up notch with his usual effortless flow juggling, which leads into another Raw Deff gem — these guys have been batting .500 this year.

The timing for this is right. There’s been a lot of talk about doing a Grind Mode styled 802 cypher, especially after a number of locals made their Grind Mode debuts over the summer. (Props to Mister Burns, Jarv, Jibba “The Gent,” BL Spitz and Ciurleo.) Getting out there first is no guarantee, of course, and there’s plenty of competition ahead.

Which is good, and inevitable. We’ve got a record crop of qualified spitters in Vermont these days, and some professional music video teams as well. It’s a format that always works. Well, as long as you keep the quality control strong…and it’s safe to bet Drive will do exactly that. Props to him, and props to everyone else working on similar projects right now.


For those trying to brainstorm a shortlist for their next video shoot, a few suggestions in no particular order: Asah Mack, Bitzzzzz, Dolla Day, DZY, Eyedos, Eugenyks, Freddie Losambe, Gruff Lion, IAME, Jazzy The Kid, Juni, Kin, Madscatta, Mavstar, Omega Jade, PreciseMC, Rivan C, Sed One, Teece Luv, The Marijuana Pot Man, and Zesty Boi.

In closing, the cypher I would like to see: Humble x Selfish Presley x Konflik x D.FRENCH over Crusty Cuts. Thanks in advance.

Justin Boland