ROUNDUP: The Winter Produce Stand


In these final few weeks of 2018, things are only accelerating as we lurch towards the singularity that is 2019. Next year is going to be insane, everywhere you turn, and our Green Mountain scene is no exception. What follows is a snack-sized selection of some strong recent releases.

First up, big props to BTV producer and longtime scene stalwart Flip Physics, who scored a spot on the latest Millennium Jazz compilation, Operation Six. Easy to hear why, too - “Rest Easy King Edward” is lush & perfectly executed stuff. If you dig this, the whole compilation is flames…and you can get it on limited edition vinyl, too.

When Tiger Fire Company No. 1 dropped their debut LP East Kingdom back in August, I was slept. Not gonna make that mistake again, bud. They’re keeping it moving with a brand-new followup album, northernplayalisticsubaruuglymusic. (If that seems like a weird title, ask an adult what it means.) It’s a much more aggressive and psychedelic ride, and there’s bars aplenty along the way. This is a hella promising crew.

After a hiatus, HLR’s Modest is finishing 2018 strong. He was the driving force behind the recent Mac Miller Memorial show this month across the river in Woodsville, NH. That neck of the woods doesn’t get much hip hop, but perhaps it should: they raised over two grand for Critters Crusade. He’s also dropped a new single. “Olympus” is some intense autobiography and a nicely crafted cut.

When Humble Among sent this single along, he told me “it’s funky and weird as usual,” and the man ain’t lying. Expect a lot more material, too, since he’s buzzing off a big show at the Stone Church in Brattleboro last Wednesday that featured a surprise appearance from Doc C of Rhythm Ruckus, in addition to a top notch lineup. Things are cooking down south.

Finally, a new beat from a new name: ALXXXNDXR is on that new “Fuck Vowels” wave and his song titles are nx excxptxxn: “$VBXR TXXTH RVTH” is a nicely menacing slab of death metal influenced trap mechanics. If you’re in the mood for that dark shit, friend, you’re in luck, because his whole catalog is worth a dive.

Justin Boland