Catching up with Jibba "The Gent"


This Saturday, Jibba “The Gent” will be doing something awesome in Springfield, VT: he’s throwing a concert / video shoot at Sheri’s Place. This promises to be very dope, both because of the lineup and because of the format. The video shoot is for Jibba’s exceptional recent single “Suite Tooth,” which features Raw Deff and New Jersey certified spitter Ren Thomas. (Mr. Thomas has been nice — just ask Pete Rock.)

Also performing: Wool See, Eyedos, and of course, Jibba “The Gent,” all hosted by partymaster DJ Buttons. Best of all, you get to enjoy all this sitting down in a New England diner having a civilized meal, since the $20 admission also covers your supper. Expect to see a lot of the 802 scene in the building representing. Also expect a cash bar.

What follows is a quick conversation with Jibba about the importance of community, friendship and one hell of a lot of hard work. Dig it.

VTHH: Making your video shoot into a proper show and serving food is an inspired idea. What has it been like pulling it all together so far?

Jibba: Kind of scary! It's new and a lot of people don't know what to think of it but, I have a great support system. All of my homies in Bad Cool-Aid (Vazy, Breeze, Raw Deff, Selfish Presley) are helping with the video aspect and Sheri's Place is my Moms’ Restaurant so that's a plus venue wise. DJ Buttons from Maine is also a close friend of mine and is going out of his way to host and blaze the music for us.

My home town community is pulling together and really supporting this idea as well, they are always amazing for me and very supportive of my ideas. It's part of the reason why so many of my ideas come to fruition and I'm still bringing hip hop artists to my small hometown.

VTHH: What are the best lessons you've learned from your previous video projects?

Jibba: Have a game plan. Planning is probably more important then the filming, without it I have wasted a lot of time trying to get things done. Have one main director to keep everybody involved in line. Take suggestions on the fly. Often times those are the best shots. Have fun with it, that will bleed through to the final production and make the viewer enjoy the music and visuals a lot more!

VTHH: Causin' Effect made a big-time return on that recent "Money" single -- is there going to be new material coming from you two?

Jibba: Well, we were headed to Vegas one summer in 2016 and we got lost along the way. It's possible there is some footage and audio recordings of our adventures, but we are still digging to find those files. Those were booze and drug infused times so we tended to hide these files and leave cryptic messages in their place. The hunt is on, and when we release what we find, it will be filled with Fear and Loathing.

VTHH: What's on the horizon for your solo work?

Jibba: Solo-wise, I still have a lot to release. I have singles stock piled and collabos that still haven’t dropped out there. I’ve been in the studio with producers Sky Splitter, Selfish Presley, Vazy and DAH Trump recently. Looking forward to spending more time with Colby Curtis (aka Flip Physics) and the fellas from Equals Eyes as well. You should see a steady stream of monthly or bi-monthly releases from me as time progresses I really need to get up with the Wombat as well.

It all goes down on Saturday, November 17th at Sheri’s Place in Springfield, VT. Doors open at 4 pm, things will wrap up by 10 pm. $20 admission includes a quality hot meal.

Justin Boland