ROUNDUP: Fresh Local Produce

Fall 2018 has been packed so far. It’s hard to notice gradual changes — has it really been crazier than Summer 2018 was? — but compared to, say, five years ago, the difference is astonishing. One consequence of all that glorious noise is the fact I can do one of these “Fresh Local Produce” song roundups pretty much every damn week now.

First up, a short, sweet jam from David Chief, cooked up in collaboration with Es-K and Notation. All three are distinguished producers and the world could use more of this, ASAP.

Up next, Loupo’s got a new single that’s being featured on the Chillhop Fall Essentials 2018 mixtape, which is a good look on a huge platform. “1993” is a gorgeous track that’s about to break 3,000 plays. It’s also just the beginning of a tsunami of new Loupo material (and shows) on the way this fall. More on that soon.

Zesty Boi is a beautiful weirdo working at the forefront of the BadArt movement — largely because he started it, true, but he’s been putting in work. A prolific organizer of underground shows in the BTV demilitarized zone, he’s also been releasing increasingly good rap music, the latest of which is a three track teaser EP for his next project, “TINY ALLIGATORS.”

D.FRENCH has been stacking tracks for his upcoming mixtape, The Highest Lows, and broke us off a sample this week - “Like Stockton” is a catchy banger over some heat by Dok Sterling (aka Dokowala). This man sounds hungry as hell and I’m looking forward to that tape dropping later this year.

Justin Boland