ROUNDUP: All Hallows Eve


Happy Halloween, folks. Remember, there are hot shows popping off tonight - 99 Neighbors Graveyard Smash at Club Metronome in Burlington, Jarv and Sed One rocking Charlie-O’s in Montpelier, and the Carnival of Sins at the Essex VFW. Today’s post is all about the new releases, though. Things have been moving fast, plus we’ve got actual Halloween projects to share. Let us commence.

First up is Humble Among’s Halloween Tape, obviously. It is a densely packed, horrorcore themed EP and very clearly a labor of love. It’s also the prelude to a busy month for the rapper / producer: he’ll be playing November 10th at Spanky’s Dive Bar (really, yes) in Springfield, VT for a BYOB hip hop night alongside Jibba “The Gent,” Yung Breeze, HATEPH34R and the exquisitely named Sheet Eater. After that, he’ll be joining Stresselbee, Jarv, Eyedos and more on November 21st for a show at The Stone Church in Brattleboro, VT — an awesome venue.

Up next on the Samhain Train, Equal Eyes Records artist Agent Elsewhere drops a seasonal single for Cabbage Night, “Film This..” It’s creepy and claustrophobic, and also points to some interesting new directions for his EDM-infused style. This cut is a Jason Vorhees slice off an upcoming album that should drop by the end of the year — name and date still up in the air at this time.

Music from a brand new name: meet KPK, making his debut today with a spooky single and one hell of a guest feature from 802 heavyweight Jibba “The Gent.” How did that happen? Well, Jibba is also known, in some circles, as KPK’s older brother. It’s a story as old as time: skills run in the family. While KPK inevitably sounds young, he also definitely sounds like someone who has been doing his homework — and has a lot of potential. Props & welcome.

Finally, another new name: Moose’s single “Livin It Up” is the warning shot for both an upcoming video and a solo project. He’s part of the Hella Fader family, alongside Juni, an artist we’ve been covering a lot lately. They’re definitely on a mutual wave — smoked out, laid back, and very nicely produced. Dig it.

Justin Boland