"TrILLu" - Trono x ILLu

More fresh tunes straight out the gate -- 2018 is already busy. "TrILLu" is a six track set from producer ILLu, who has been interviewed here before, and rapper Trono of Self Portrait. Who have also been interviewed here before. This project emerged from sessions at the Skylab, and the production work of SkySplitterInk helps every track shine. Since Self Portrait dropped their debut LP "Primal Union" the trio has stayed busy.

DJ Kanganade has been working on fatherhood, new scratching techniques, and precision knife throwing.

Producer (and emcee and photographer) Rico James maintained a steady pace in 2017, dropping the Pilot EP with PreciseMC, the "GOOD FOOD" single with MilkHaus Records mainstays LoKi & Pensive, and the tasty instrumental tape Rico de Gallo.

Trono dropped a compilation called The Singles, then showed up all over the Mind's Eye Tribe LPand...well, here we are: TrILLu. The name is both catchy and inevitable, since their only real alternative was "iLono." ILLu has been on a quiet warpath and there will be plenty more to come in 2018 from this young producer.


Justin Boland