Feb. 3: Dilla Day 2018 @ Sidebar



Since Sidebar opened, they've quickly evolved into a hotbed for good hip hop. This is almost definitely the result of management being big fans. They regularly feature DJs like SVPPLY and Crusty Cuts in addition to rap talent like Jarv, Hanknative and Mister Burns.

(Note: fans of "beer" will also find a lot to love there.)

So it's fitting that Sidebar would be hosting a Dilla Day 2018 celebration. They're doing it up right, too. Shout out to promoters who have actual promo copy for their events. Here's the scoop from Sidebar:

"Around his birthday every year, cities across the US take time to celebrate the life and work of James Yancey A.K.A. J Dilla. We will be celebrating his influence on Hip Hop and honoring his memory at Sidebar on Saturday, February 3rd.

Beat sets will start off the night from three local hip hop producers: Crusty Cuts, Loupo and Old Gold. Hanknative, Sam and Somba will perform original material with a J Dilla-influenced twist. We will close the night with hip hop DJ sets from Svpply and Crusty Cuts to dance right till 2. Come celebrate with us!"

"Hanknative" is yung phenom Hank Collins, the BTV prodigy who earned a "Best Hip Hop Artist or Group" Seven Daysie nomination last summer. February 3rd is a Saturday night and this party is free.

Justin Boland